Si uero peccaui quod propriam in hoc magis excitauerim deuocionem, quam communem quesierim utilitatem, potens erit uirgo pia apud superbenedicte trinitatis solium hoc meum excusare peccatum The academic texts in that tradition have two characteristics lacking in Russel’s text: Thomas’s works were particularly influential in Franciscan circles in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and later in the German mysticism of the fifteenth century Vidimus eum et non erat ei species neque decor. The original text is Pecham’s, the Cantuariensis text and Russel having independently been derived from it In the margin of column rb he notes: Pisanus, Bolbec, Seine Maritime, , in:

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An explanation for this may be found in the nature of the thirteenth-century exegetic text Stegmüller, Repertorium, III, Thomas Aquinas, Sorbonne, 1 —in: In modern terms this means: The formal organization of the text remains unaltered, however, and there appear to be no changes in content.

Si ce n’est pas le cas, continuez à lire nos instructions supplémentaires. Indeed, we do find an exposition on this subject 8ora How can this fact be interpreted? Funiculus triplex20 is a text with an extremely complicated genesis.

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The first prologue uses the causae terminology of the Aristotelian prologue: These facts may be better understood by looking at the results of the codicological research. To conclude, the fact that the author 7irq Glossa Tripartita uses compilations instead of the original texts originalia 48neatly fits in with the image we have formed of him by now.

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He fully realizes that the text is not yet complete, so on f. We will see that the case is not as simple as seems to present itself at first sight.


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Riedlinger deserves credit for having ascertained the connection between Cantuariensis and Glossa Tripartita, but the relation between source text and incorporating text is the reverse of what he surmised. The scribe of quires I and II had a certain amount of copy at his disposal, exactly filling a sextern and a quinion. The -T- on f. According to Cenci, we are.

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In the upper left-hand corner off. Cogitanti michi canticum promere laudis cuiuscumque ad honorem uirginis amorose, ipsa pía virgo riuos amoris scaturiens, ut prophetico alludam eloquio, inmisit in os meum canticum nouum. This may explain the name of the text: From the description given before, we have already learned that, codicologically speaking, this quire 8ida up a special position in MS Assisi; with regard to the text it contains, it also presents a peculiar case.

The latter two texts were based on the extremely influential commentary by Hugh of St.

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The codex has a nineteenth-century binding, with paper over wooden boards. From the study of MS Assisi we have come to know Glossa Tripartita as a layered text, based on a threefold, compilatory, commentary of an academic nature, structured by means of divisiones. Again, Glossa Tripartita follows Russel.

The catalogue mentions leaves, but this number includes two fly-leaves in front, as does the foliation. In the second prologue we find a similar, but by then old-fashioned system of concepts: The author of Glossa Tripartita did not use Russel’s commentary as a whole; generally, he embedded the borrowed sections in a structure of his own design.

Three times did Thomas Gallus devote a commentary to the Song of Songs The most convincing correspondence between the compiler’s personal notes 7iira the postscript he wrote is to be found in the following passage:.


A few examples of the way in which the theme is used for structuring the commentary:. Like the Cantuariensis text, Glossa Tripartita has the word notandum, a word it uses very frequently sometimes in imitation of the Cantuariensis text.

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The date is fully consistent with the codicological data. In parte precedenti sancta mater ecclesia ad obediendum sponso parata sponsi inuocauit patrocinium; hic, quia ad uotum non prestitit quod postulauit, ne 3 88 KEES SCHEPERS ficte uideatur postulasse, se préparât ad querendum suum domicilium.

To the upper right of the initial there are five strokes, fanning out, the stroke in the middle broken by four dots In the table, this is indicated by om between brackets — om -; because the entire text of Glossa Tripartita is lacking here, these sections offer no textual basis for any conclusions as to the integration of Cantuariensis in MS Assisi. Manuscrits datés conservés dans les Pays- Bas, Vol. Notanda The passages in quire XII have several characteristics in common, which they share with the other missing passages.

Of those occurring most often — Bernard, Gilbert, Gregory — it may be assumed that their commentaries were compiled from the original texts.